Lafarrah Bed and Breakfast, a unique private mini-apartment, is located in the vibrant center of Amsterdam.

After entering through the private entrance, you will enter an elegant sleeping- and living-room with a private toilet and shower. The interior is elegant with art, mirrors, books and a Louis XVI table.

Amsterdam, capital of The Netherlands, is well known throughout the World. It is famous for its canals, bikes, art galleries, museums, Rembrandt, coffeeshops, Red Light district, nightlife, fashion and boasts a rich architectural history. People from Amsterdam are well known for their hospitality and most speak English well.

Lafarrah B&B offers a room with a feeling of home and a warm smile for a short holiday or for business. A smile like the one Farrah Fawcett would give.

We would love to have you!

Because of the stairs, unfortunately, Lafarrah B&B is not recommended for physically challenged people.

To protect our guest’s health we have a clear policy: “no pets, no smoking and no drugs”.